Emory - Purim Hamantaschen

  • Apricot Hamantaschen

Emory - Purim Hamantaschen

Jews around the world celebrate Purim by reading the Megillah, dressing in costume and eating hamantaschen. These triangular shaped pastries filled with fruit (or chocolate) creating a small piece of paradise. 

We offer hamantaschen in three varieties; apricot, raspberry, and chocolate. Packaged by the half dozen or 6 hamantaschen per package, these treats are sure to please.

To order more than one variety, click on "Add to Cart" then click the back button on your browser to select the next variety. Then click "Add to Cart" again.

To increase the quantity of the same hamantaschen variety, click on "Add to Cart", then click on "Go To Cart" and increase the quantity of packages. 

Chag Purim!

 ***Note: All orders will be shipped to Emory Hillel for distribution to students on Wednesday, March 20th. ***