MH US - The Whole Megillah

  • Assorted Hamantaschen and Purim Mask cookies

MH US - The Whole Megillah

Purim is also called the Feast of Lots because Haman cast lots to determine the date to execute his evil plan. "The Whole Megillah" is a wry term for the lengthy Purim story that wanders through vast amounts (lots!) of complicated detail. 

Select this package for lots and lots of delicious Purim treats! The Whole Megillah package includes:
- 18 hamantaschen (6 each - chocolate, raspberry, and apricot)
- 6 hand decorated mask sugar cookies and
- 2 Purim groggers.

Purim begins at sundown on Wednesday, March 16th. Order your hamantaschen now, quantities are limited.

**Deadline for ordering is Friday, March 4th.**
*Orders will begin shipping the week of March 7th*