Sig Delt Love

  • Black & White Brownies

Sig Delt Love

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Black & White BrowniesSpecial dark chocolate, white chocolate and cocoa define the intense flavor of these brownie bars.  And if that wasn't enough? They are topped with more dark chocolate and garnished with white chocolate chips! Truly, heaven on earth. (5 brownies/package)

Jack'ed Chocolate Chip Bars - Packed full of chocolate chips, brown sugar, white sugar and topped with a layer of semi sweet chocolate, these treats will be devoured within an hour of receipt. (5 bars/package)

Mini Apple Cakes - Fall means fresh apples! And that means apple cake! A fall tradition and a perennial favorite in our house. Try them with a glass of fresh apple cider and your whole day will improve. (6 apple cakes/package)

Sig Delt Roses - "What's in a name?" Everything! These Sigma Delta Tau yellow rose sugar cookies are a custom design. (6 roses/package)

Chocolate Chip Coconut Macaroons - Mini chocolate chips combine with sweet coconut to create this delightful macaroon. These treats are made without flour. (12 macaroons/package)

Chocolate Chip Cookies - This perennial favorite is chock full of chocolate chunks and encased in a triple sugar cookie base, finished off with a touch of sea salt. Yum! (12 cookies/package)