Mom Seidner

I have always loved to bake!


I baked my first apple pie when I was ten. I followed the recipe from my mom’s Joy of Cooking cookbook. Ironically, I didn’t like apple pie and refused to taste it. However, my lack of desire to try the pie did not stop me from falling in love with baking. It appealed to my sense of order and precision - after all, baking is just a chemistry lab in the kitchen with measuring cups instead of beakers and an oven instead of a bunsen burner.


Over the years, I read cookbooks, took baking classes, watched Julia, Emeril and Ina, and foisted innumerable baked creations upon my family, friends and co-workers to try. Some recipes were utter failures while others received the highest praise any baker can hear - the request to make it again. Those recipes became the cornerstone of my baking repertoire, known in my house as “repeats”. Many of these tried and true favorites are offered today at Sweet Seidner’s.


Eventually, I developed my own philosophy about baking. Use only genuine ingredients - real sugar, butter, eggs, flour and chocolate (lots of chocolate) and the results will always be amazing baked goods. I’m a firm believer in moderation, not substitution. Flavor and taste are always the top priorities.


The idea for Sweet Seidner’s  Bake Shop goes back to my freshman year in college when my roommate’s grandmother sent us cookies every week. Seeing my roommate walk through the door with a brown-paper wrapped package always brought a smile to my face. Her sharing the cookies was even better. We would stop whatever we were doing and indulge in the heavenly flavor of homemade cookies. It was a little bit of love sent from home and a wonderful break in the middle of a busy day.


This memory later sparked the idea for a graduation gift for my niece as she was heading off to college. Each month of her freshman year I baked and shipped her two dozen homemade cookies to share with her roommate and friends. I dubbed it the College Cookie Club. The gift was so well received that it became my standard graduation gift to all my relatives and friends. Recently, my niece shared her memories of just how special the gift was to her.

The goal for Sweet Seidner’s is to help your family create those special memories, by sharing treats that show how much you care.

- Jodi (aka Mom Seidner)